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Flagship Enterprise Center

The completed Flagship Enterprise Center following construction in 2005. Photo credit: Flagship Enterprise Center

In Anderson, Indiana, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) helped to facilitate proper planning the environmental impacts during construction of the $2.7 million-dollar Flagship Enterprise Center – an 80,000 square foot small-business incubator.

During the environmental review process, project sponsors became aware of impacts to neighboring forested wetlands, which are home to migratory waterfowl.

As a result, provisions were added to the project to preclude negative effects on wetland hydrology, prevent storm water runoff from being directed to the wetland, and provide retention facilities to contain storm water within the current footprint of the project site. Additionally, a 26.5-acre forested wetland southwest of the Flagship Enterprise Center (FEC) was protected.

Construction was completed in 2005, and the FEC was approved as a certified microlender in 2010 by the Small Business Association. In 2015, the FEC reached $7 million in microloans


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