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Senate Democrats’ Jobs & Infrastructure Plan For America’s Workers Provides Real Investments, Protects Communities and Our Health

WASHINGTON, DC (March 07, 2018) – In response to a new infrastructure proposal introduced by Democrats on the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Raul Garcia, Earthjustice Senior Legislative Counsel, issued the following statement:
“Finally, a plan that recognizes what the American people have known all along – that we can have real infrastructure investment without gutting environmental safeguards that protect the air we breathe, water we drink, and communities we call home. This plan looks at our national infrastructure and our environment as something worth investing into while the President’s plan simply wants to sell them off to wealthy corporations.
Unlike President Trump’s scam infrastructure plan, the Democrats’ plan is both practical and actionable. It protects the environment and our health, it is inclusive to local communities and it provides real investment in building safe, clean and resilient infrastructure. While the President’s plan guts health and safety protections, it is all smoke and mirrors when it comes to actual investment. The Jobs and Infrastructure Plan for America’s Workers is the real thing.”

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